What we do

Our philosophy is simple:

  • To keep the Giclée process affordable and under the artist's guidance and control
  • To provide the artist with museum quality Fine Art prints
  • To ensure that each print complements the artist's creative vision

Who or What is Giclee?

About Giclée UK

The owners, Calum MacDonald and Chris Pearson, formed the company in 2001.


Both have over over 25 years' experience in the professional photo lab and digital imaging industries.


Our aim at Giclée UK is simple: to provide the best Fine Art prints at the most favourable prices.


Our recent clients have included the National Galleries of Scotland, the Demarco European Art Foundation and individual artists too numerous to mention.

About the Giclée Process

"Giclée", pronounced "zhee-clay," is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using inkjet printing technology. From the French word "gicleur" meaning "jet" or "nozzle", Giclée should now be part of every artist's vocabulary.


Although Giclée printing uses now familiar devices such as scanners, digital cameras and inkjet printers, these devices are used at their limits to produce prints that meet the demanding standards of artists and photographers.