The Giclee process requires high resolution, colour-accurate image data. For best results, we recommend that you bring your original artwork to us for digitising. There are a few things you can do that will help us to provide a better service:

1) If you work on canvas, make sure that the paint is dry and, if at all possible, let us have it before applying varnish.

2) We de-frame and re-frame artworks on a regular basis, but for very old or elaborate frames this may be problematic. Consider having your regular framer remove the artwork for you.

3) Pastels and charcoal are prone to rubbing off, so please ensure that these are adequately fixed: tell us in advance if there is any chance of your originals being susceptible to damage and attach a clearly visible note to that effect to the artwork.

4) Artworks with a high level of relief - 3D objects or very thick oil paint - are not a problem, but it's helpful to have this information in advance.

Artwork sizes and standard scan resolutions

Up to A2 (42cm x 60cm / 16in x 24in): 400ppi - 600ppi

Up to A1 (60cm x 84cm / 24in x 36in): 240ppi - 360ppi

Up to 1M x 1.5M (40in x 60in): approx. 250ppi

Larger: by special arrangement, details will vary