This section aims to give guidance to those preparing their own files for Giclee Printing. Use the links above for more specific information.

You should use a suitable application (Adobe Photoshop or similar) to prepare your own images for Giclee printing: not Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or other 'office' applications.

Your files should be in a suitable colour space, at the right size and resolution for printing.

Use the quick checklist below, or explore in depth using the tabs above.

1) Colour Space: RGB or CIELab - not CMYK

2) Colour Management: for RGB images, embed the ICC profile

3) Image Size: 180 - 360 PPI at the desired print size (240 PPI ideal)

4) Delivery Medium: CD, DVD, USB Memory Stick, email or our file uploader


If your file is 20Mb or less and you have a broadband connection, please email it to us (contact us here first).

Otherwise, we can accept files up to 120Mb via FTP. You will have to contact us to obtain FTP details. Please don't attempt this option if you have no experience of FTP.

Failing all the above, burn your files to CD and stick it in the post.