Q: Can you make Iris prints?

A: Iris printers, introduced by Iris Graphics in the  late 1980s, were designed for pre-press proofing. They were originally adapted for Fine Art Printing by Graham Nash in 1991.

In some circles, 'Iris Prints' have become synonymous with 'Giclee Prints', but as we don't have an Iris printer, we can't make "Iris prints". 

Q: Who owns the Copyright?

A: If it's your original work, you own the copyright - not us. You can make any reproductions you deem fit, or license a third party to do so.

If you are reproducing a painting or photograph that you've bought, you should check that you have the right to reproduce it. Unless we encounter a clear violation of copyright, we assume that you have been granted such rights.

Q: How are my images stored?

A: Your image files are stored securely in a cascading system: recent files (up to 3 months old) are kept immediately to hand; thereafter, they're archived to one of our network storage systems. After 6 months to a year of no activity, they will be transferred to a Data DVD and stored offline.

You can come back to us years from now and still be able to order prints from your images.

Q: Can I use my own files?

A: We're happy to work from your own files as long as they are suitable. Have a look at the information here, but if you're still not sure, bring them in for us to assess, or contact us for details of how to upload a file to us.

Q: How long will my prints last?

A: Print longevity is determined by so many factors that it's impossible to give an absolutely definitive answer. There are standards for viewing and storage conditions, but correlating these to the real world is not easy.

This page provides guidance.

Q: Why do scans cost so much?

A: We think our scanning prices are pretty reasonable. Bear in mind that these prices include the proofing process (where most of the hard work is done) and associated proof prints.

At least one of our competitors offers free scans - subject to certain conditions. Others offer cheaper scans, but will charge you for every proof they produce.

We do it our way because it incentivises us to work as efficiently as possible; and it means our customers don't get any nasty surprises.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There are two types of cost:

  1. digitising your original
  2. producing the prints

See the Price Guide for details.

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