Print Care

Although Giclee prints are touch-dry when they come off the printer, the inks need some time to bed-in.

How you handle and display your prints in the days following collection will have long-term effects on their stability.

We therefore make the following recommendations:

  • For the first two or three days, don't allow the print surface to be rubbed or scuffed.
  • Allow two weeks - preferably more - before displaying prints.
  • Avoid displaying Giclee prints in direct sunlight! All dyes eventually break down under exposure to UV light: the less exposure, the longer they'll last.
  • Until the inks have properly cured, exposure to water or water vapour may cause the dyes to migrate through the paper, causing a smudged appearance.
  • Exposure to volatile liquids and vapours, as found in some cleaning products, can cause the dyes to break down very quickly.

Having stated all that, please be reassured that with normal, careful handling, Giclee prints will remain fade-free for up to 75 years.