Prints are supplied with a small margin. If you have specific requirements for the amount of white space round your images, this must be stated when the print is ordered (it will affect the price).

A faint grey line to indicate the edge of the margin is normally printed, and we trim prints to just outside the line. Precise trimming can be carried out on request.

Deckled Edges

Creating a rough, deckled edge can add to the visual impact of your prints.

It is achieved by tearing the paper - in a controlled way - either in the margin or in the image area.

It's not for the faint-hearted, but we're happy to do it for you.

Mount Cutting

Presenting your Giclee prints well will increase their appeal and lead to more sales.

When you're publishing a Limited Edition, the costs can be greatly reduced by ordering a suitable quantity of pre-cut mounts.

For those one-off prints, we provide a bespoke mount-cutting service.

Canvas Stretching

Our Studio Canvas is real canvas, so it can be stretched just like the 'real thing'.

When we're preparing an image that's going to be printed onto canvas and stretched, we add extra image data to provide a suitable wrap-around.

Varnishing & Texturing

Stretched canvases are often displayed without the benefit of glass to protect them from the effects of light and airborne compounds.

The application of a clear UV varnish (with matte or gloss finish) provides this protection, and offers the opportunity to introduce texture when applying with a brush.