Studio Museum

310 gsm

Natural white, 100% rag, age resistant, printable one side only.

One of our most popular papers, Studio Museum exudes quality.


Studio Artist

210 gsm

Natural white, 50% rag, age resistant, printable one side only.

A superb paper for reproducing watercolours and pastels.

Studio Papyrus

300 gsm

A textured surface with a lot of character. An off white base made of 100% cotton linters produces a pH neutral material with a very heavy high quality feel.

Used extensively in the reproduction of Art images.


Studio Parchment

285 gsm

Bright white, 100 % TCF pulp, age resistant, printable one side only.

This heavily textured paper is well suited to colourful landscapes and still lifes.


Studio Alpha

310 gsm

Natural white, 100% smooth cotton rag, exceptional colour gamut, printable one side only.

Alpha has the look and feel of an untextured traditional artists' paper.

Studio Canvas

400 gsm

Natural white, 100% Cotton Linen, age resistant, printable one side only.

Prints on Canvas can be stretched in the traditional manner, and optionally varnished, at which stage brush strokes can be worked in giving an authentic look and feel.

Fine Art Pearl / Photo Rag Pearl

285 / 310 gsm

Modelled on the traditional Fibre Based papers used in traditional darkroom printing, these bright white, semi-gloss papers are designed to produce stunning prints from photographic images, either in colour or black and white. They reproduce a very wide colour gamut and, for black and white printing, have a D-Max equivalent to Agfa Record Rapid. Fine Art Pearl has a slightly warmer base colour.

Other Materials

We stock a range of other papers suitable for a variety of applications; these include 'Tyvek', vinyl banner materials, fine art board, ultra-high gloss and textiles.