File requirements are quite different from those for Giclee prints. Please read these brief instructions carefully.

File Formats:

Jobs created in any word processing, presentation or spreadsheet package (e.g.Word, PowerPoint, Excel, their OpenOffice equivalents or similar applications from other developers) should be converted to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format before submission to us. If supplied in their native formats, we'll have to charge studio time (minimum £25.00) for converting and checking.

We can accept, but do not recommend, jobs created in Microsoft Publisher.

Recommended File Formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or EPS from page layout and vector illustration applications
  • TIFF, JPEG or Adobe Photoshop from image editing applications


There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of different fonts in use. We have the most popular from vendors such as Adobe, Agfa, ITC and Linotype; even if we have the 'same' font as you have used, it may be a slightly different version or handle kerning differently.

Recommended Font Strategies:

  • If saving / exporting as PDF, ensure that font embedding is enabled
  • Illustrator, InDesign, Quark users: converting text to Outlines (or paths) eliminates any possibility of inconsistency or PostScript glitches
  • If preparing files in Photoshop (or similar), rasterise any text layers or flatten the image
  • Apple Mac users: we're almost completely PC based, a copy of your Mac font will not help

Image files:

Please supply image files correctly prepared. If you are used to producing CMYK files, these will give the best results. Otherwise, supply as RGB or CIELab and let us create the CMYK version.

Recommended settings for images:

  • From RGB or CIELab / Expert users: Convert to Euroscale Coated v2
  • From RGB or CIELab / non-experts: leave images as is; we will convert
  • Other CMYK Profiles / Curve settings: leave as is
  • Set Image Size to required print size (plus 3mm bleed if req.) at 300ppi
  • Make sure that you understand what 'bleed' is, when and why it is required, and that you've included it in your images. Read the section in the FAQ for a brief explanation.
  • Unsharp Masking / Expert users: traditional settings may be a little heavy on this system - aim for 75% to 80% of your normal settings
  • Unsharp masking / non-experts: leave images unsharpened

Getting files to us:

CD, DVD, USB stick, email or FTP are all suitable delivery methods.

See also the FAQ