The Giclée Process - in brief

Working from your original artwork, we produce a high resolution digital version (usually at least 350 ppi at the original size).

- OR -

You can supply your own image files which should meet some minimum requirements.

A vital part of the process is proofing. This is where we produce as close a match as possible to the original artwork. The cost of proofing is included in the cost of digitisation.

If you have supplied your own image file, proofing may not be required for photographic images. If it is your own scan / digital photo of your artwork, proofing will almost certainly be required to produce a close match and this will be charged for.

Once you have approved the final proof, it's time to decide what size your prints should be and on which type of paper. If you plan to publish a Limited Edition, you need to decide on the edition size, the print sizes and exact paper type before placing your first order.

Your image files are stored on our secure server, so you can order more prints months, even years after they were digitised and proofed. The accuracy and consistency of the Giclée process means that they will match your first order very closely.

Should you require copies of your files, we can provide these on CD, DVD, USB stick or via a download link.