Summerhall Contact Info

Contacting us

All email addresses and website are unchanged.

Our main 'phone number - 0131 555 6444 - will be transferred to our new mini-exchange in due course. In the interim it will redirect to 0131 560 2847.

Our address is:

Giclee UK Ltd

1 Summerhall



(though mail sent to Giles Street will still reach us.)

How to find us at Summerhall

How to find us

The Summerhall site is being continuously developed, so these directions may be subject to change.

Main Summerhall Entrance

The main entrance faces The Meadows on the route named Buccleugh Street / Summerhall Crescent / Summerhall Place / Causewayside (running from North to South).

For now this is the most reliable way in: ask at reception for one of our maps

An alternative entrance would be from Hope Park Terrace: we're immediately below the Hope Park Gallery.